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® Construction?

FIRMFORM® is a unique construction method that utilizes the strengths and minimizes the challenges associated with the most popular construction methods, yielding the lightest, most comfortable, and most durable costumed character head on the market today.

So called "plastic" heads can be accurately duplicated in vacuum forming, which involves heating a sheet of plastic, and then pulling it into a negative mold, or stretching it over a form, and pulling out all of the air so that the plastic is formed in the desired shape. Some of the problems with this method include 1) The design must be limited to minimize "undercuts" (to make it easier to pull the shape off of the form) or 2) If the plastic is thin enough to be light, and rigid enough to hold its shape, it is logically going to be fragile. When the entire head is thin plastic, it can be a challenge to repair and glue the thin edges together, or patch them with another piece of plastic. They require a plastic headband that is prone to breakage, as a great deal of stress hinges on just one or two bolts inside the head. If the headband is not replaced immediately, these bolts are, to say the least, very uncomfortable. 

"Foam" heads are generally either 1) Sewn in three thin plys: the fur, one-half inch foam, and the lining, which yields a head that is rather small and floppy and generally lacking in detail, or 2) Created by gluing thick polyester foam on the inside of a latex skin. This yields a head that is comfortable and unbreakable, and can have detail, but it can decay prematurely,and it cannot "breathe" with the airtight latex layer. The latex is rapidly biodegradable, and if the foam is isn´t lined, it can decay and become quickly soiled as the actors wipe sweaty faces on this readily available "sponge" inside the head.

Paper-mache heads are, by definition, not very water (or sweat) resistant, and they are also difficult to repair.

FIRMFORM® heads utilize the strengths of the most popular methods. Whenever possible, details such as the mouth, cheeks and eyes, or even the entire "face" is formed in plastic for accuracy. The basic head shape, however, is formed in thick, three dimensional foam, which is lined like a fine coat to prevent the foam from decaying. The surface is washable with a mild detergent or upholstery cleaner.

If you're a professional entertainer, we'll literally guarantee that it will the best combination of value, comfort, and appearance that you have ever experienced.



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Mascot Costume Construction features and benefits: Professional performers demand a unique balance of value, unique appearance, and long-term sustainability. Your organization can also enjoy the benefits of that special insight, without spending the entire marketing budget on one project. Our mascot costume construction is unique in several ways. The heads are made using the exclusive FIRMFORM construction method (see the Production Studio link on the home page). FIRMFORM heads have an unbreakable basic head shape and strong, detailed plastic features that can be replaced if they ever become dirty or damaged. Most of the mascot costume bodies include a "pod", which is a thick foam pear-shaped insert that helps to give the animal characters a more cartoon-like appearance. Large mesh eyes provide the actors with adequate vision and additional ventilation. All of the bodies are machine washable, which is just one of the features that make our costumes easy to maintain. All mascot costumes include fully formed feet, and all of the boots are fully enclosed with a sole, so that the actor's feet don't show and easily spoil the magic of the moment. We understand that you'll have questions, and we're ready to answer! Call (956) 357-0508, 9am to 9pm.


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